Holding a retrospective ritual is a very old idea. It has served the human species well, as the stories of hunts are retold around campfires and the stories of child rearing are shared as baskets are woven. It has survived this long because it works. It’s a fundamental vehicle to discover, share, and pass along the learning from experience—something we also call “wisdom.”

I have one question:

Is your organization good at acquiring and using its wisdom in creating software?

Maybe it’s time to try a retrospective. It’s something that every true learning organization has as part of its culture, and it’s one of the best ways to grow—project by project—into a smarter and increasingly successful organization.

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retrospective (rèt´re-spèk-tîv) -- a ritual held at the end of a project to learn from the experience and to plan changes for the next effort.
The Retrospective Prime Directive
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